Hostile Takeover 2017 Recap

Hostile Takeover 2017 Recap


Each year, Hostile Takeover is a highlight for NWCF, and this year was no exception.  We had 31 teams in Scaled, Rx, and Firebreather categories, several of which competed for the first time.

Congratulations to all the teams for showing up at your best!


Firebreather Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Straight Outta On Ramp 1 1 2 1 5
2 The A Team 2 2 1 3 8
3 Lam Chop Suy 3 3 2 2 10
Rx Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Hustle & Muscle 2 1 3 5 11
2 Legally Fit 4 2 4 4 14
3 Quan for President 1 3 1 18 23
4 One Lift Wonder 8 5 8 3 24
5 Perfectly Adequate 3 7 5 14 29
6 Rx is Good 7 5 12 11 35
7 Toast to Bar 9 14 12 2 37
7 Mount St. Swellins 19 10 7 1 37
9 2 Fit 2 Quit 5 13 2 19 39
10 Classic Mistake 14 4 17 6 41
11 Wasian Persuasion 6 11 6 20 43
12 Snipe Hunters 11 17 9 7 44
13 To the Window, To the Wallball 18 9 11 8 46
14 Flush & Burn 11 8 18 13 50
15 Coffee Before Clusters 10 19 16 10 55
15 Snatch Me if You Can 17 20 10 8 55
17 Question of the Day 14 12 14 17 57
17 Father Daughter Dance 13 16 14 14 57
19 The Transplants 16 18 19 12 65
20 WOD Did We Get Into? 20 15 20 16 71
21 PR Penguins 21 21 21 21 84


Scaled Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Double J 1 1 2 3 7
2 #interbae 3 3 1 4 11
3 Grow a Pear 2 5 5 2 14
4 Swole Criminals 5 6 4 1 16
5 Targaryen 4 4 3 6 17
6 Barb Wire 7 2 6 5 20
7 Cafe con Leche 6 7 7 7 27

Special thanks goes to the 20+ volunteers who made the event a success as equipment crew, judges, food service, and photography: Mark Glynn, Desmond Lee, Mark Nemesh, Sky McClave, Robin Rifkin, Jeremy Kramer, Scott Winges, Liv Hull, Carolyn Regas, Tanya Dailey, Jonah-Kai Hancock, Amanda Halley, DeSean Halley, Jennifer Bender, Tom D’Angelo, Mike Mejia, Steven Brown, Steve Lauver, Alexis McKeown, & Laura Winges!

And we had some great programming and hosting thanks to coaches Lamarr, Amanda, Quan, & Scott.  It’s this camaraderie and willingness to help that brings the community together.  

Hard work culminated in success on many levels and it was great seeing family and friends there to support the NWCF family!  For some wonderful shots by Amanda Joy Photography: click here. Some additional pics: here.

Hopefully you had a chance to visit our sponsors: Fresh Meal with their healthy pre-made meals, Twin Vision Activewear and their leggings and jackets, and Elivate Nutrition’s athletic supplements.

Next year let’s get 50+ teams!  Tell your friends how much fun it was.  If you missed it, ask someone how it was.  And if you’re unsure if you could compete in this event, ask your coach–there are different levels to push you and partners to train with.

Countdown to HT2018 begins!


Holiday Workout Tips and Travel Workout Routines With Coach Tyler Searle

Holiday workout tips and travel workout routines from Northwest Crossfit

Maintaining a balanced diet, finding quick holiday workouts that don’t require a gym, and committing to workout goals are great ways to maintain your holiday workout schedule. It can be easy, however, to let your gym routine fall by the wayside over the holidays. Whether you are looking for some holiday workout tips, ideas on how to stay fit during the holidays, or travel routines that don’t require a gym our coaches at Northwest Crossfit are here to help. From finding ways to motivate yourself to get to the gym even when it’s dark and cold, to enjoying holiday meals without overindulging in sweets and treats, here are some holiday workout tips from Tyler Searle, Lead Trainer and Manager at Northwest Crossfit Greenlake.

Holiday Workout Tips From Northwest CrossFit

1. Enjoy holiday meals, but commit to healthy eating otherwise

There’s no doubt the holidays can be a time of temptation, even for athletes with the strictest diets. Don’t get caught up in being perfect! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a special meal now and again. The trick is to commit to maintaining your diet outside of these special occasions. The more you start slipping on a regular basis, the harder it will be to get back on track.

2. Set aside specific times to workout over the holidays

Getting to the gym is half the battle. As much as it can be a challenge to leave the comfort of a cozy bed or get off a nice warm couch, once you’re able to commit to getting to the gym, your coaches are there to get you motivated and get you moving. Don’t think about the workout itself; instead, think about how great you’ll feel once the workout is over!

3. Improvise when you don’t have a gym

Many people struggle to maintain their workout routine over the holidays because the don’t have access to a gym or equipment when they travel. Instead of skipping a workout for lack of accessible gym, there are plenty of quick holiday workouts that require little to no equipment (see below for examples). Have a handful of bodyweight workouts with you and you’ll be able to work out anywhere. If you prefer the motivation of a group setting, do a quick search online of the area you’ll be traveling and there’s sure to be a gym available.

4. Remember the mental benefits of working out

The holidays can come with a lot of mental trials: gift buying, entertaining family and friends, travel headaches and more. Working out is a great way to relieve stress, to work out the kinks of a long trip, or to make time for yourself to decompress. Seeing working out not only as a physical benefit but also as a mental benefit can be great motivation to get yourself to the gym during the dark, cold winter months.

5. Commit to your goals to avoid the holiday hangover

Have fun during the holidays! There’s no need to feel guilty about it. We work out and eat well so that we can enjoy life. Outside of special meals and events, commit yourself to staying on target with your fitness goals and there will be no holiday hangover to worry about.

Why is it important to stay fit and active over the holidays?

The holidays are a great time to catch up with friends and family, which often involves big meals, fancy desserts, and an extra cocktail or two. It can also be a time of stress for a lot of people and may include quite a bit of extra travel. All of these are important reasons to stay on track with your fitness. Consistency is the number one key to successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The holidays are sure to throw off your routine, but the more you can find the time to stay active the better you will feel!

Quick Holiday Workouts: Vacation Workouts With No Gym

If you are looking to take these holiday workout tips one step further with specific workouts to try we’ve got you covered. Coach Tyler has shared 15 of Northwest CrossFit’s holiday workouts that require little to no equipment. These travel workout routines are great full body workouts that will enable you to stay fit over the holidays or during any type of travel!

Workout #1 

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 800m
50 Air Squats

Workout #2

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Pushups
10 Sit-ups
10 Squats

Workout #3

For Time:
200 Air Squats

Workout #4

5 Rounds For Time:
Run 200m
10 Squats
10 Push Ups

Workout #5

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 200m
25 Pushups

Workout #6

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Handstand Pushups
Run 200m

Workout #7

20 Rounds For Time:
5 Pushups
5 Squats
5 Situps

Workout #8

100 meter sprint between each set

Workout #9

Air Squats

Workout #10

Spend a total of five minutes in a handstand

Workout #11

For Time: Run 1 Mile

Workout 12

6 Rounds For Time:
10 Pushups
10 Air Squats
10 Sit Ups

Workout #13

5 Rounds For Time:
3 Tuck Jumps
3 Squats
3 Broad Jumps

Workout #14

8 Rounds For Time:
Handstand 30 Seconds
10 Squats

Workout 15

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Pushups
Run 100m

To keep up with the latest from Northwest CrossFit, stay in touch on social media! 

Redeeming Soles

We are pleased to announce our charity for Hostile Takeover 2017 will be Redeeming Soles, a local organization that collects new and gently used shoes for those in need, including young people who would otherwise not be able to participate in school sports.
Bring those shoes that are sitting in the back of your closet or your children have outgrown, or purchase new shoes if you feel extra generous, and bring them to Hostile Takeover for an extra entry in the raffle! (1-3 pairs = 1 entry, 4-6 pairs = another entry, etc.)

Functional Bodybuilding Q&A With NWCF Head Coach Lamarr Smith

Functional bodybuilding is goes beyond bulking up and building dense muscle. Northwest CrossFit’s Functional Body Building Program takes a strategic approach to building functional muscle for athletes of all kinds. Our members of various levels take part in this training to build functional muscle, target specific muscle groups, and feel healthy and strong. We recently spoke with NWCF Head Coach Lamarr Smith about his approach to functional body building. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What is functional bodybuilding? How is it different from typical bodybuilding?

A: The sole purpose of bodybuilding is to sculpt the body, but usually without attention to what functions the training will help you with. Functional body building takes some of those aesthetic movements but adds an element of functionality to them. We work legs and core to benefit athletes in sport, add elements of instability for improved strength, and pick movements that will specifically help you improve your weight training technique. This training also breaks down  complex movement patterns and will target weak muscle groups to make them stronger.

Q: Is this training for any specific type of athlete?

A: Everyone can benefit from this training: men, women, beginners and advanced athletes. Because this training is targeted, it can be especially good for athletes with muscle imbalances (in other words if one side of your body is stronger than the other, you’re strong in your upper body but less so in your lower body). Its also a good choice for anyone looking to change up their workout routine. High intensity workouts all the time can lead to adrenal fatigue and elevated cortisol levels, so adding in some lower intensity workouts like functional body building is beneficial for your body.

Q: What are the benefits of a functional body building program?

A: There are lots of benefits to functional bodybuilding. It increases strength and muscle endurance. It can help address any muscular imbalances that athletes may have, improve movement, and correct muscle firing patterns. If you are not activating certain muscles in your compound movement, the functional bodybuilding movements can target these muscles to help you understand and feel what that muscle does on it own. Then we add it back to the compound movement and assess the improvement or need for more work in that area.

For example, we’ll do rack pulls to help with the top of a deadlift or increase strength and power through the “jump” portion of Olympic style weightlifting. There is also a lot of single leg strength in our program that has excellent carry over. By adding tempos, plyos, and holds in various positions, we can strengthen the leg is some areas that are often overlooked. As a functional athlete, we need both muscle tissue to be strong as well as our tendons to be strong. We combine both of these in our functional bodybuilding class.

Other benefits of functional bodybuilding training include:

  • Improved strength and better muscle endurance
  • Increased tendon and joint tolerances to help decrease injuries
  • Less stress on your central nervous system than other workouts
  • Look and feel better

Q: What should athletes expect during workouts?

A: We’ll target certain muscle groups during these workouts. For example, we’ll do upper body days focused on push and pull movements. We’ll do lower body workouts focused posterior chain, and some days we’re working on arms biceps and triceps. Because I’m in the gym everyday, I’ll also build functional bodybuilding workouts around how the week has been for athletes. Depending on how the week is panning out I’ll shape the Friday workout around what I’ve seen from athletes earlier in the week. Some workouts we’ve done in the past include:

Sample Workout A

  • General body warm up
  • 3 sets
  • Half get ups x 5 each side
  • Windmills x 5 each side
  • Half kneeling Landmine press x 8 each arm
  • 3 sets
  • B1. Front rack step up w/ double kb x 8 each leg
  • B2. Single leg squat with hold @ 1/4 and full position + 1 full rep x 4 reps
  • B3. Lateral lunge x 8 each leg
  • C1. 10 Ring body saw plus 10s-Single arm plank
  • C2. paloff press x 12
  • C3. side plank x 30s

Sample Workout B

  • General body warm up
  • 4 sets
  • A1. Single arm Db bench press (3112 tempo) x 8
  • A2. Db Flies (3112 tempo) x 8
  • A3. Db pullovers x 12 -15
  • Rest as need
  • 4 sets
  • B1. Weighted Pullups (you can use rings if you want to mix it up) x 4-6 (3112 tempo)
  • B2. Weighted Ring Rows x 6-8 reps (3112 tempo)
  • B3. Seated sled pull x 50′
  • Rest as need
  • Banded shoulders crossover symmetry style

Are you interested in trying functional body building? Come to Functional Body Building with Coach Lamarr at our Interbay Location Fridays at 6:00 p.m.!

How To: Double Unders

What are double unders? Achieving double unders is a skill that requires some practice and dedication.  There are many approaches to help people develop this movement which requires coordination along with good body mechanics.  


In our recent Crossfit double under clinic on August 12th, we went through several drills to help athletes that were either struggling to get their first one or were experiencing challenges linking them together.  I want to preface that getting your double unders is a matter of coordination.  If you skip out on line drills and footwork drills you’re missing an opportunity to improve.  I also want to preface that when athletes commit to getting double unders they usually develop a calf issue or foot issue.  You can not neglect the recovery work needed to support the increased volume of jumping.


Here are some basic drills you can do to help improve your double unders:

  • Understanding how to jump and land on the balls of your feet while absorbing the impact through the entire leg, not just the calves.  2 sets x 20 reps is a good prep before working on double unders.  No jump required.
  • Master the single under.  This means you body position is correct.  Upright torso, elbows by your side, arm bent with shoulders back and down. Work up 3-5 minutes of smooth and effortless basic jump roping.
  • Understanding the meaning of a power bounce.  Starting with a basic single under bounce, you will do 2-3 single unders and then a higher more powerful jump.  What is important here is to land on the balls of your feet and not to donkey kick.
  • Power bounce with double hip taps.  This drill requires no rope.  Perform a power bounce and while in the air use your hands to tap/clap your hips 2x while in the air.  The goal is to perform consecutive power bounces with taps.
  • Combining the single under with the power bounce.  Perform your regular single under for 3 jumps then add a power bounce for a single under.
  • Combine the single under with a double under.  Perform your regular single under for 3 jumps then add a double under.


Then you are almost there.  Now a little more practice on the basics every day. 

For more tips from our team at Northwest Crossfit, checkout our article on Crossfit Movement and Mobility!

Northwest Crossfit Podcast IV

Hello Athletes,

In this episode we speak with our very own Interbay Athlete & Homeland Security Agent, Helena Plemons.  Helena was born & raised in New York & has been active all of her life.  The following is an outline of the topics discussed.

  1.  Law Enforcement/Military Entrance
  2. Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Challenges for First Responders & Warfighters
  3. Cultural Differences of American Generations
    1. Love of Hip-Hop
    2. Growing up in Brooklyn
    3. Athletics
  4. Introduction & love for Crossfit
  5. Dealing with injuries
    1. Hiking to Base Camp of Mount Everest (16 days) “Ace the Himalaya”
    2. Resilience “I’m not going to give up”
  6. Communicating with your Coaches
  7. Fitness as a Lifestyle
  8. How we train
  9. Self Defense & its application to life
  10. Fit over 50

Our Philosophy on Crossfit Movement and Mobility

Try our crossfit movement and mobility training. 

Most people roll out of bed and walk to the kitchen every morning. Eighty percent of Americans then walk a few steps to their cars, drive to work, and park themselves behind a desk for at least eight hours. While some people may then head to the gym, go for a walk, or spend an hour running around with their children, the vast majority of people in our country have very limited movement in their day to day lives.

The lack of range of motion is an issue isn’t just an issue for those who live sedentary lifestyles, but also for athletes who only explore specific ranges of motion such as heavy lifting or jogging. When athletes take on heavy and hard workouts and go right back to sitting, it can be detrimental to your health.

At Northwest CrossFit, we believe in changing that.

Exercise is a natural freedom. We were meant to move, but most people don’t do it enough. In our Crossfit Movement and Mobility classes, we take a novel approach to honing the natural way the human body works, and combining that with a functional exercise program that will produce great results.

There’s an old saying, “show me your spine and I’ll know how old you are.” We believe the same thing applies to movement, “Show me the way you move, and we’ll know how old you are.”

Many people have ranges of motion that are much more limited than they should be at their age. Our classes foster warm ups that include basic movements we all learned as kids such as bear crawls and changing levels while walking, to weight training exercises catered to the natural way the human body moves. The goal of Crossfit Movement and Mobility classes is to increase range of motion, move more, and foster full body health.

Many people are strong in a seated position and are strong standing up, but there are many movements in between that most people don’t do on a day-to-day basis. This includes everything from getting up from as seated position to bending over and standing back up.

“Laying on the ground is natural, and standing up from that position is natural,” one coach explained. “Now do that ten times fast and it becomes a workout. That’s what this training is all about.”

Whether you want to continue to grow your range of motion as you get older or you are simply interested in finding ways to move more and live a less sedentary lifestyle, our approach to movement can benefit people of all ages and skill levels.

This approach to movement benefits athletes not only in the gym but in all aspects of their life.

It’s all part of redefining your fitness, it translates to everyday life. Can you shift your balance, can you change direction and change speed naturally? As we adapt to more movement, we become confident in ourselves and how well we move.

To learn more about honing your Crossfit Movement and Mobility, join class at our Interbay Location Fridays at noon and Sundays at 10:00 a.m.! For more protips from our coaches, check out our article on how to do CrossFit Double Unders. 

What to Expect At Your First CrossFit Bootcamp

If you have signed up for your first ever Northwest CrossFit’s Complete Fit Bootcamp session or are considering doing so, congratulations! We are looking forward to having you join our community. For those who are interested in this program, we want to help you get started and make sure you are comfortable and prepared. If you’d like to give CrossFit a try but aren’t sure what to expect, here’s a quick breakdown of our bootcamp program and how to prepare for your first CrossFit class.

Who Can Do CrossFit?

Many people think CrossFit is only for active athletes and people who are already in shape. We believe CrossFit is for anyone who wants to commit to a healthy lifestyle and functional fitness. We are happy to serve men and women of all fitness levels at Northwest CrossFit.

Starting CrossFit Out of Shape

Many people wonder if they are fit enough to do CrossFit, or fear not being able to keep up with the class. Our CompleteFit Bootcamp is designed for people who want to get a taste of CrossFit and learn what the lifestyle is all about it. It’s geared towards those who are new to CrossFit and haven’t done these types of workouts before. You don’t need to be in top shape, all you need to do is come to class!

Class Format and Workout

At Northwest CrossFit, our bootcamps include warmups and stretching, speed and agility training, and a Workout of the Day.  Our bootcamps are typically between 10 and 15 people, which enable you to complete the workout at your own pace but still get one on one attention from our coaches. Athletes are coming in to these bootcamps at different levels of fitness, so we expect people to finish at different times, and we tailor the workout to your current level. This can mean changing the amount of weight or doing modified exercises to fit your personal needs.

The goal of these workouts is to give you the foundation you need to join regular CrossFit training. You will hone your agility, learn the right technique for weight training to avoid injury, and of course, get in a great workout.

How to Prepare and What to Wear to CrossFit

In terms of preparation, make sure you drink lots of water before hand. Wear clothes you are comfortable moving in and shoes that you can run and jump in. The most important thing for our CrossFit Bootcamps is to show up, we’ll do the rest!
If you would like to try a Northwest CrossFit CompleteFit Bootcamp class we hold free classes at our Interbay location Saturdays at 8 a.m.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Visit our website for more information and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and updates.

NWCF 1st Annual Seafood boil and Cornhole Tournament

Please join us for our First Annual Seafood Boil and Cornhole Tournament!!

When: Saturday August 5th at 3pm

Where: Northwest CrossFit @ Interbay

What is a Seafood Boil?
It is a gathering of friends to enjoy so awesome seafood and vegetables.  There will be some crab, shrimp, oysters and clams plus vegetables.

Our amazing members Nathan and Andrea Hough will be bringing the heat with a traditional Seafood boil.

Cost: $25 per person for as close to all you can eat as possible.
Use this paypal link to reserve your spot in the seafood boil.
Deadline to register for seafood boil is Wednesday August 2nd.  The sooner we have a head count the better we can plan.

If Seafood is not your thing, no worries.  There will be a potluck style BBQ as well.  There is no cost for the potluck BBQ.  We only ask that you bring something to share.  We will have the grill available for members and friends who wish to bring their choice of dinner

FINALLY… CORNHOLE, let your competitive nature run wild for our first annual Cornhole Tournament.

About the tournament:

Cost:  $10.00 sign up fee per team day of at the gym.
50% of proceeds will go towards an amazing prize and the remaining to a charity to be selected .

This tournament will be double elimination.  For our first year we will be capping the number of teams at 12 teams.  Teams can be made up of 2 players.  The players may be members or non-members (as long as the non-member is a friend of a member).

For a snapshot of the basic rules of Cornhole check out this link

Friends and family are welcome but please leave your furry friends at home due to some particular details of this event. We hope to see you there!

To receive up to the minute information or event updates join our facebook event.  Click here to join.