NWCF Holiday Party Recap

Bellevue Holiday Party

Saturday, December 12th was our annual NWCF Holiday Party… and it was a huge success! NWCF members from all of our locations got dressed to the nines to come out for the event, which took place at Little Water Cantina in Eastlake. Party-goers spent the night dancing to tunes from DJ Yoshi (our very own NWCF member) and noshing on tasty food and drinks from LWC. The place was decked out in festive decor… holiday lights everywhere, two fire pits outside under tents, plenty of space to mingle and dance, and photo opportunities in front of the Christmas tree! Selfie sticks made the night complete, as members recorded the fun evening through their own pictures. Check out all of of the photos on Facebook or Instagram using #nwcfholidaze2015. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the night a success! Here’s to another great year with NWCF! Happy Holidays everyone and here’s looking forward to all that is in store for 2016!

New Year Giveaway! #stressless

Hello NWCF Family! NWCF would like to announce its first ever new year giveaway!

Starting TODAY we would like you to share your favorite movements that help you decompress from your most stressful days. We encourage you to post a photo of you or one of your NWCF teammates doing a movement that engages your mind body and spirit and allows you to leave everything else behind you.

How this works: Just post an image to your instagram or facebook with the hashtag: #stressless and tag our @nw_crossfit account as well. You can post up to once daily! Each post will submit a new independent entry into a random raffle selection.

The winner will receive an all inclusive Interbay experience!

  1. You select you favorite coach from any one of our gyms for a free one hour private session.
  2. Free lunch at WholeFoods with your coach and our Interbay nutritionist, Acacia Wright to cover any nutritional information you want and if you chose to, create a meal plan.
  3. You will conclude with a 1 hour rehabilitation session at Kinetic Sports Rehab.  

Also, if one of your non-member friends shares your winning post, they too will get to join you for this incredible experience!

This contest will run exactly one month – we will select our lucky winner January 10th. We look forward to seeing your posts!

Bring A Friend Fridays!

Typically on the last Friday of every month, members are invited to bring a friend to any class! Invite friends, family and colleagues to any class during the day. The workouts will be tailored to every skill level… but not to worry, the WOD will kick your butt and be fun for your friends!

Be sure to arrive with your friend 10-15 minutes early. We will have a quick, easy way for them to fill out their information and sign the waiver.

Our next bring a friend Fridays are:

Friday December 4th, 2015

Friday January 29th, 2016

Friday February 26th, 2016

NWCF Monthly Challenge – 100,000 Push-ups!

Starting December 1st we will start our NWCF Monthly Challenge! We need the help of our NWCF Community to complete 100,000 push-ups by the end of this month! So at the end of classes, just help us chip away at that goal! Below is a video explanation about how the system works and how you can help record our totals.

Go Team NWCF!

(Please note: push-ups may be modified and still count toward our challenge! If push-ups are programmed during a WOD, they will NOT count toward the challenge.)

Kinetic Sports Rehab Hip Hinge Clinic Recap

This weekend, NWCF hosted a “hip hinge” clinic put on by Kinetic Sports Rehab.  I attended and learned some things while it reinforced some things I have been working on and implementing.  


The hip hinge is a basic movement pattern that several specific movements develop and make more powerful.  As humans first and athletes second, efficiency and maintaining proper movement patterns are key to longevity.   The kettlebell swing, deadlift, and squat are few specific movements that are particularly important in our training.  These movements all start with a hip hinge.  


What I found very interesting as well was the connection between the core and the ability to stretch and springload the hamstrings.  This was not a new concept, since I just heard it at Kinetic’s breathing clinic.  But as a coach first and athlete second, I find it very important to spread the word and implement a baseline fix that will address several athletes issues.  I see it everyday– athletes want to move more weight and move it faster.  Very few are willing to slow down and take few steps back to see where the root of the malfunction or disconnect originates.


They went over several baseline core exercises that help the athlete activate the core while lengthening the hamstrings.  We also learned some key drills with the dowel to help cue and position our bodies as we move through particular movement patterns.


Key take away – The specific movement is not as important as understanding the pattern.

Thank you to Dr. Paul Molina and Dr. Mike Smith

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.46.18 AM

NWCF Branded Tees & Tanks!

We’re excited to reveal our latest NWCF branded t-shirts and tanks! And just in time for the holidays… great for gifts, stocking stuffers, or for treating yourself! Both tees and tanks are $25. Please place your order below by no later than December 1st, 2015, and we will get them printed and delivered to you at your home gym shortly thereafter.

Questions? Contact Coach Jill at jill@nwcrossfit.com

(Please note: t-shirts are Next Level brand, unisex sizing and tanks are Next Level brand, women’s racerback with finished seams. The tanks pictured in the mock-ups are not the Next Level tanks.)

NWCF Barbell Club Tees & Tanks!




NWCF_Racerback Barbell_Club_V_Neck

Our NWCF Barbell Club V-Neck Tees and Tanks are ready to order! And just in time for the holidays! Please place your order below by no later than December 1st, 2015, and we will get them printed and delivered to you at your home gym shortly thereafter. Questions? Contact Coach Jill at jill@nwcrossfit.com.

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NWCF Holiday Hours!

The holiday season is upon us! Please see below for our Holiday Class Schedule. For any questions, please contact events@nwcrossfit.com. Happy Holidays!


11/26 Thanksgiving Day – All locations CLOSED except for: 9am & 10am Classes at NWCF Greenlake (Benefit for the Recovery Cafe)

11/27 Black Friday – All locations open for 9am-12pm classes


12/24 Christmas Eve – All locations CLOSED

12/25 Christmas Day – All locations CLOSED

12/26 Boxing Day – All locations open for 12pm class ONLY

12/27 – All locations CLOSED

Week of Monday 12/28 – Thursday 12/31 – All locations open during the class times: 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes ONLY (5pm and 6pm Interbay classes)



1/1 New Year’s Day – All locations CLOSED