NWCF Monthly Challenge – 100,000 Push-ups!

Starting December 1st we will start our NWCF Monthly Challenge! We need the help of our NWCF Community to complete 100,000 push-ups by the end of this month! So at the end of classes, just help us chip away at that goal! Below is a video explanation about how the system works and how you can help record our totals.

Go Team NWCF!

(Please note: push-ups may be modified and still count toward our challenge! If push-ups are programmed during a WOD, they will NOT count toward the challenge.)

Kinetic Sports Rehab Hip Hinge Clinic Recap

This weekend, NWCF hosted a “hip hinge” clinic put on by Kinetic Sports Rehab.  I attended and learned some things while it reinforced some things I have been working on and implementing.  


The hip hinge is a basic movement pattern that several specific movements develop and make more powerful.  As humans first and athletes second, efficiency and maintaining proper movement patterns are key to longevity.   The kettlebell swing, deadlift, and squat are few specific movements that are particularly important in our training.  These movements all start with a hip hinge.  


What I found very interesting as well was the connection between the core and the ability to stretch and springload the hamstrings.  This was not a new concept, since I just heard it at Kinetic’s breathing clinic.  But as a coach first and athlete second, I find it very important to spread the word and implement a baseline fix that will address several athletes issues.  I see it everyday– athletes want to move more weight and move it faster.  Very few are willing to slow down and take few steps back to see where the root of the malfunction or disconnect originates.


They went over several baseline core exercises that help the athlete activate the core while lengthening the hamstrings.  We also learned some key drills with the dowel to help cue and position our bodies as we move through particular movement patterns.


Key take away – The specific movement is not as important as understanding the pattern.

Thank you to Dr. Paul Molina and Dr. Mike Smith

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.46.18 AM

NWCF Branded Tees & Tanks!

We’re excited to reveal our latest NWCF branded t-shirts and tanks! And just in time for the holidays… great for gifts, stocking stuffers, or for treating yourself! Both tees and tanks are $25. Please place your order below by no later than December 1st, 2015, and we will get them printed and delivered to you at your home gym shortly thereafter.

Questions? Contact Coach Jill at jill@nwcrossfit.com

(Please note: t-shirts are Next Level brand, unisex sizing and tanks are Next Level brand, women’s racerback with finished seams. The tanks pictured in the mock-ups are not the Next Level tanks.)

NWCF Barbell Club Tees & Tanks!




NWCF_Racerback Barbell_Club_V_Neck

Our NWCF Barbell Club V-Neck Tees and Tanks are ready to order! And just in time for the holidays! Please place your order below by no later than December 1st, 2015, and we will get them printed and delivered to you at your home gym shortly thereafter. Questions? Contact Coach Jill at jill@nwcrossfit.com.

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NWCF Holiday Hours!

The holiday season is upon us! Please see below for our Holiday Class Schedule. For any questions, please contact events@nwcrossfit.com. Happy Holidays!


11/26 Thanksgiving Day – All locations CLOSED except for: 9am & 10am Classes at NWCF Greenlake (Benefit for the Recovery Cafe)

11/27 Black Friday – All locations open for 9am-12pm classes


12/24 Christmas Eve – All locations CLOSED

12/25 Christmas Day – All locations CLOSED

12/26 Boxing Day – All locations open for 12pm class ONLY

12/27 – All locations CLOSED

Week of Monday 12/28 – Thursday 12/31 – All locations open during the class times: 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes ONLY (5pm and 6pm Interbay classes)



1/1 New Year’s Day – All locations CLOSED

Kinetic Sports Rehab Breathing Clinic Recap

Kinetic Breathing Clinic

Breathing is something many of us take for granted.  As athletes we feel that breathing is second nature and that more focus should be put on moving faster and heavier weights.  While this is awesome and important, the level of our performance is a direct result of the efficiency of our breathing.
If you missed the clinic, I will briefly recap some of the takeaways for me.
  • Bracing and Breathing is critical – To properly support your spine under the loads and through the movements we need to know how to breath and brace simultaneously .  Many of us are not breathing into our diaphragm which will activate our inner core.  Our inner core, what the heck is that?  Well our outer core are the all muscles that we can see and that we look to see results.  Our inner core is the inner tube and the outer core is the thread on the tire.  We can only be as strong as our ability to activate our inner core.
  • Mobility can be gained through proper breathing –  When your core is weak or inactive your body will look for stability or tightness from other parts of your body.  For example, we all feel that we have tight hamstrings and we proceed to look for ways to stretch and lengthen them.  What if the solution for these tight hamstrings came from your core and effectiveness of your breathing?  During the clinic we did a drill that illustrated how proper bracing of the core can improve the flexibility of the hamstring in less than 2 minutes.
  • SUPER PLANKS – this was my favorite.  Every muscle is active while you are able to breath deep into your core.  This plank is the brother to the hollow rock.  In both positions, the super plank and hollow rock, you are trying to achieve a connected body position while breathing.  We will definitely be adding these to our program.
  • KB Swings – Sniff, Hike, Exhale. I know we focus on the mechanical phase for our movements.  And we spend a lot time discussing and illustrating the proper position to most effectively move the load.  However we do not focus enough on the role breathing plays in power generation and stability.
  • Core stability before mobility – In oder to get most out of the mobility session try incorporating several breathing exercises.  Activating the core will allow for less tension in the rest of the body.
We will be putting another breathing clinic on in the future. Stay tuned for the next date!

Bring A Friend Fridays!

Typically on the last Friday of every month, members are invited to bring a friend to any class! Invite friends, family and colleagues to any class during the day. The workouts will be tailored to every skill level… but not to worry, the WOD will kick your butt and be fun for your friends!

Be sure to arrive with your friend 10-15 minutes early. We will have a quick, easy way for them to fill out their information and sign the waiver.

Our next bring a friend Fridays are:

Friday December 4th, 2015

Friday January 8th, 2016

Friday January 29th, 2016

Friday February 26th, 2016

Northwest CrossFit Offers Bride & Groom Boot Camps

What:  Northwest CrossFit invites those soon to be wed to get in the best shape of their lives just in time for the biggest day of them. Our new Bride & Groom Boot Camps are specifically crafted with couples in mind. With two partner workouts per week for six weeks, participants will be introduced to the basics of CrossFit and work together to get fit for their special day.

The $249 per couple enrollment includes:

  • – 6 weeks of personal coaching in a fun, safe and supportive environment with other Seattle couples.
  • – Introduction to NW CrossFit through our Beginner Series workouts.
  • – Specially designed Northwest CrossFit Bride and Groom t-shirts. *
    •    *Or Bride and Bride Or Groom and Groom as we welcome the LGBT community
  • – Completion “ceremony” where we will toast the success and future of each couple.
  • – Discounted enrollment offer for Northwest CrossFit memberships.

Why:  Led by one of NWCF’s inspiring coaches, couples will come together in the name of health, fitness and let’s be honest . . . looking hot while walking down the aisle and shaking it on the dance floor.

Where:          Held on both sides of the lake, works outs will take place at either:

  • Northwest CrossFit Bellevue (located at 13420 NE 16th Street, Suite C) or
  • Northwest Crossfit Greenlake (located at 466 NE 70th St in Seattle)

When:            Workouts will be held Wednesdays at 5:30 PM and Sundays at 11 AM with two sessions to choose from: May 10 – June 17 or June 21 – July 29.

Contact:  For more information or to register please contact Coach Jill at jill@nwcrossfit.com


October 2013 Newsletter

October 2013

Welcome to October, NWCF Nation!

First things first, I ask for your vote for KING5 Best of Western Washington CrossFit.  Please cast your vote here if you have not done so already.  We certainly are grateful for your support.  If you have multiple email addresses (and who doesn’t?), you can vote once with each.

Thank you to everyone that attended our first ever NW CrossFit Super Duper Family Fun Day!  The kiddos bounced around in that castle like a bunch of crazy people.  And that Kids WOD just might have been the most adorable thing ever to have happened on this Earth.  We had a bunch of great vendors on hand, there was a very beneficial rowing clinic, and Outside the Box Paleo food truck was dishing up some amazing grub.  Thanks to NWCF-Greenlake member Claudia Pettis and Coach Jill for organizing this fantastic event.  If you missed out on Super Duper Family Fun Day, don’t worry; we have 3 events coming up in the month of October for your enjoyment.  Here’s what you can look forward to…

Sunday, Oct. 6th, Paleo Challenge Kickoff – 2pm @ NWCF-Greenlake:  It has been a little while since we’ve had a Paleo Challenge, so Coach Jill, Coach Carly, and the newest member of the NWCF team, Coach Erin have been working hard to host another one. The challenge will start with a kick-off on Sunday, October 6th where members will be given information on what the Paleo diet is and why it is beneficial. We are working on making body fat testing available at the beginning and end of the challenge to help members gauge their progress and the challenge will end with a Paleo Potluck. More information can be found on our Facebook page and look for flyers at the gyms. The challenge is free for members. And, from our experience, the more folks that are involved, the better the success had by all.

Saturday, Oct 19th, MU Clinic w/ Coach Tyler, 1:30pm @ NWCF-Bellevue:  Coach T promised to bring his successful MU clinic to the Eastside, and the time has finally come. Everyone interested in getting that first muscle-up or improving upon the movement should email Coach Tyler to reserve your space (tyler@nwcrossfit.com).

Sunday, Oct. 27th, Hostile Takeover @ NWCF-Bellevue:  Last year’s Hostile Takeover 2012 was an incredible event!  Grab a teammate of the opposite sex and get ready to throw down.  We will have a division for all levels (Firebreather, Rx & modified).  If you aren’t into competing, come show your support as a spectator.  It is certain to be a great time.  Registration is slated to begin next week.  More info to follow via Facebook and class announcements, so keep your eyes peeled.

Beginning CrossFit at all 3 NWCF locations:  Tell your friends and family it is time to get started!  With only 90 days left in 2013 and the holidays right around the corner, we want to help your loved ones achieve the level of fitness that they might not realize possible.  If anyone out there can refer 5 people into our BCF series between now and December 1, I’ve got an NWCF t-shirt with your name on it.

Northwest CrossFit Kids Logo Contest! The NWCF team really wants to help the entire family learn to be fit for life.  That is why we are working so hard to enhance our Family CrossFit classes.  Now is the time to get the kiddos involved in the process.  We want your 7-13 year old to submit a logo for the program that we will then use for t-shirts and other gear that they will be able to wear loudly and proudly!  Here are the contest rules:

  • ·  Ages 7-13 only.
  • ·  They need not be a NWCF member to participate (but they should beJ).
  • ·  Logo must include the words “NWCF Kids CrossFit”.
  • ·  Submit entries in person or to Coach Brian (brian@nwcrossfit.com) no later than Friday, November 1.
  • ·  Make it fun!!!
  • ·  Winning logo will be selected by the NWCF coaches and the winner will receive a t-shirt with their logo on it.

 Family CrossFit Class with Coach Tyler and Coach Carlos.  Now, your kids can join us for a fun workout 5 days a week!  Coach Carlos at NWCF-Ballard and Coach Tyler at NWCF-Greenlake are excited to share their knowledge and great attitudes with your little ones (ages 7-13) and leading them toward a lifetime of fitness.  The Family CrossFit Classes are scheduled as follows:

      • –  NWCF – Ballard: 3:45-4:30pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays.
      • –  NWCF – Greenlake: 3:45pm-4:30pm, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
      • –  NWCF – Bellevue: Coming Soon!!!

The price is $79/month/child or $15/visit/child.  Parents are encouraged, but not required to participate in classes.  We realize that, now that school is back in session, kids get out of class at varying times.  We can roll with that!  We will have some open gym time from 3:30-3:45pm and then start the class so you and your kids have time to get from the class room to NWCF.  We will continue to work kids in as they arrive.  Have a read of this Journal of American Pediatrics article revising their stance on strength training and conditioning for the youngsters.  Wouldn’t you know it, kids can benefit from smart coaching and training!  Schools continue to cut fitness programs, but NWCF is here to save the day. And, if your little guy or gal wants his or her friends to get in on the action, we welcome all, even if Mom and Dad aren’t NWCF members.  Inquiries can be directed to Coach Brian at brian@nwcrossfit.com.


For your viewing pleasure, here are your video updates for August from each of your NWCF locations:

As always, please like us on our Facebook page and Tweet with us.  And for goodness sakes, please tell your families and friends to pay us a visit!  We always appreciate your supportive reviews on Yelp and we encourage you to contact us at info@nwcrossfit.com to tell us how we are doing.

Finally, as we welcome new faces into the NWCF community, we are so grateful for the support that you all show to these folks.  Those first couple of months can be intimidating for some, but our wonderful established members are soooooo terrific about putting our newest members at ease.  Thank you!  Have a great month of October and we will continue cooking up more exciting things to come!


-Coach Brian and the NWCF Coaching Staff

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