Hostile Takeover 2017 Recap

Hostile Takeover 2017 Recap


Each year, Hostile Takeover is a highlight for NWCF, and this year was no exception.  We had 31 teams in Scaled, Rx, and Firebreather categories, several of which competed for the first time.

Congratulations to all the teams for showing up at your best!


Firebreather Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Straight Outta On Ramp 1 1 2 1 5
2 The A Team 2 2 1 3 8
3 Lam Chop Suy 3 3 2 2 10
Rx Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Hustle & Muscle 2 1 3 5 11
2 Legally Fit 4 2 4 4 14
3 Quan for President 1 3 1 18 23
4 One Lift Wonder 8 5 8 3 24
5 Perfectly Adequate 3 7 5 14 29
6 Rx is Good 7 5 12 11 35
7 Toast to Bar 9 14 12 2 37
7 Mount St. Swellins 19 10 7 1 37
9 2 Fit 2 Quit 5 13 2 19 39
10 Classic Mistake 14 4 17 6 41
11 Wasian Persuasion 6 11 6 20 43
12 Snipe Hunters 11 17 9 7 44
13 To the Window, To the Wallball 18 9 11 8 46
14 Flush & Burn 11 8 18 13 50
15 Coffee Before Clusters 10 19 16 10 55
15 Snatch Me if You Can 17 20 10 8 55
17 Question of the Day 14 12 14 17 57
17 Father Daughter Dance 13 16 14 14 57
19 The Transplants 16 18 19 12 65
20 WOD Did We Get Into? 20 15 20 16 71
21 PR Penguins 21 21 21 21 84


Scaled Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Double J 1 1 2 3 7
2 #interbae 3 3 1 4 11
3 Grow a Pear 2 5 5 2 14
4 Swole Criminals 5 6 4 1 16
5 Targaryen 4 4 3 6 17
6 Barb Wire 7 2 6 5 20
7 Cafe con Leche 6 7 7 7 27

Special thanks goes to the 20+ volunteers who made the event a success as equipment crew, judges, food service, and photography: Mark Glynn, Desmond Lee, Mark Nemesh, Sky McClave, Robin Rifkin, Jeremy Kramer, Scott Winges, Liv Hull, Carolyn Regas, Tanya Dailey, Jonah-Kai Hancock, Amanda Halley, DeSean Halley, Jennifer Bender, Tom D’Angelo, Mike Mejia, Steven Brown, Steve Lauver, Alexis McKeown, & Laura Winges!

And we had some great programming and hosting thanks to coaches Lamarr, Amanda, Quan, & Scott.  It’s this camaraderie and willingness to help that brings the community together.  

Hard work culminated in success on many levels and it was great seeing family and friends there to support the NWCF family!  For some wonderful shots by Amanda Joy Photography: click here. Some additional pics: here.

Hopefully you had a chance to visit our sponsors: Fresh Meal with their healthy pre-made meals, Twin Vision Activewear and their leggings and jackets, and Elivate Nutrition’s athletic supplements.

Next year let’s get 50+ teams!  Tell your friends how much fun it was.  If you missed it, ask someone how it was.  And if you’re unsure if you could compete in this event, ask your coach–there are different levels to push you and partners to train with.

Countdown to HT2018 begins!


Redeeming Soles

We are pleased to announce our charity for Hostile Takeover 2017 will be Redeeming Soles, a local organization that collects new and gently used shoes for those in need, including young people who would otherwise not be able to participate in school sports.
Bring those shoes that are sitting in the back of your closet or your children have outgrown, or purchase new shoes if you feel extra generous, and bring them to Hostile Takeover for an extra entry in the raffle! (1-3 pairs = 1 entry, 4-6 pairs = another entry, etc.)

Hostile Takeover 2017 Registration is Open!!

It’s that time once again: Hostile Takeover 2017 is here!

What is that, you ask?

Date: Sunday November 12th, 2017  (Seahawk game is Thursday and the Huskies play on Friday)

Time: 8am- 3pm

Who: NWCF member only in teams of two (one male and one female)

How many events (workouts):
There will be three WODs throughout the day plus a floater.

What are the divisions:
Scaled Division – Team members are Level 2 or 3 athletes who would like the experience of competing.

RX Division – Team members should be able to complete most (if not all) Level 4 (RX) movements and weights.

FB Division – Team members should be able to complete most (if not all) Level 5 (FB) movements and weight.

Where:  NWCF Bellevue location

Cost: $90 per team plus tax

  • In order to register, teams will need to provide information about what division they will compete in, t-shirt sizes, team name, and team captain. There are three different divisions you can choose from: Scaled, RX, and Firebreather.  See above for descriptions of these divisions.

TO REGISTER: Follow the PayPal instructions below.

Male Teammate Shirt Size
Female Teammate Shirt Size
Team Name
Athlete 1&2 First /last name

We humbly ask for your help if you are not competing.  WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS.  To be a judges or scorekeepers and to help throughout the day. If you are interested, click HERE to complete the volunteer registration form. 

See you all there![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How To: Double Unders

What are double unders? Achieving double unders is a skill that requires some practice and dedication.  There are many approaches to help people develop this movement which requires coordination along with good body mechanics.  


In our recent Crossfit double under clinic on August 12th, we went through several drills to help athletes that were either struggling to get their first one or were experiencing challenges linking them together.  I want to preface that getting your double unders is a matter of coordination.  If you skip out on line drills and footwork drills you’re missing an opportunity to improve.  I also want to preface that when athletes commit to getting double unders they usually develop a calf issue or foot issue.  You can not neglect the recovery work needed to support the increased volume of jumping.


Here are some basic drills you can do to help improve your double unders:

  • Understanding how to jump and land on the balls of your feet while absorbing the impact through the entire leg, not just the calves.  2 sets x 20 reps is a good prep before working on double unders.  No jump required.
  • Master the single under.  This means you body position is correct.  Upright torso, elbows by your side, arm bent with shoulders back and down. Work up 3-5 minutes of smooth and effortless basic jump roping.
  • Understanding the meaning of a power bounce.  Starting with a basic single under bounce, you will do 2-3 single unders and then a higher more powerful jump.  What is important here is to land on the balls of your feet and not to donkey kick.
  • Power bounce with double hip taps.  This drill requires no rope.  Perform a power bounce and while in the air use your hands to tap/clap your hips 2x while in the air.  The goal is to perform consecutive power bounces with taps.
  • Combining the single under with the power bounce.  Perform your regular single under for 3 jumps then add a power bounce for a single under.
  • Combine the single under with a double under.  Perform your regular single under for 3 jumps then add a double under.


Then you are almost there.  Now a little more practice on the basics every day. 

For more tips from our team at Northwest Crossfit, checkout our article on Crossfit Movement and Mobility!

New Athletic Trainer at Interbay!

Who: Erin Bremond

What: Soft tissue work, stretching, and injury rehab

When: Thursdays – Saturdays

Where: NWCF Interbay

Why:  Sometimes being active can cause aches, pains and injuries in the muscles and joints. These musculoskeletal issues often create problems and frustration for people trying maintain an active lifestyle. If you are experiencing any muscle or joint pain that is concerning to you or impeding you ability to perform at the level you want to.

Erin is a certified Physiotherapist (LAT, ATC) who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of muscle and joint injuries and issues. Her approach is holistic and includes treatment such as soft tissue mobilization, massage, joint mobilization, myofascial decompression (cupping), pelvis alignment and postural restoration strategies. Visits will include a orthopedic evaluation and treatment of any concerning issues. These meetings are set up my appointment only and last for approx. 30 mins to one hour.

Services available:  3pm-7pm on Thursday, 12pm-4pm on Friday, and 11am-3pm on Saturday.  (One dollar a minute scheduled in 15 min or 30 min blocks.)

Schedule appointments at:

Erin is also providing a stroller fitness/ pregnant moms class being held at Interbay on Saturdays from 11am-1pm.



Podcast Episode 3 with Coach Paul, DeSean & Amanda Halley

In this Episode we speak with, recently married, DeSean & Amanda Halley.  DeSean & Amanda Graduated through our Grassroots Bootcamp program and are fully committed to redefining their fitness.  They have an amazing and inspiring testimony.

We believe in relevant, cultural, & inspiring conversations with Athletes, Coaches, Subject Matters Experts, & Fitness Fanatics.

Listen, comment, & share


Now Offering FREE Saturday Bootcamp Workouts

Are you interested in Crossfit but don’t know where to start? We have your solution! At Northwest Crossfit, we’re excited to announce we will be offering a FREE bootcamp session every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. at our Interbay location. This will be a high intensity functional fitness one hour workout, scalable to all levels. These workouts are a great way to learn some new skills, get a great workout, and learn what Crossfit is all about.

We hope to see you there!

Questions? Email Head Coach Lamarr Smith at [email protected]

6 week Spring Challenge

The 6 week Spring Challenge

The Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner!  It is time to come out of our shells and lose those winter coats.  We have put this community group together to help us kick it into a higher gear.  In order to lead effectively we have to lead from the front.  By raising your awareness we have also reenergized our staff and coaches to focus on the reason we are in this business.  WE LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE BE HEATLHY!!  We all need a little extra push and reminder sometimes.  Our 6 week Spring Challenge is designed as an accountability platform to help you focus on 3 areas of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Focus on a fitness area to improve.  This can be a lift, a bodyweight movement or even flexibility.  These 6 weeks will be the opportunity to focus time towards improving this weakness.
  2. Learning how to create healthy eating habits.  Over the course of the 6 weeks we will help guide you through the nutrition maze.  There are several effective meal plans that one can follow and sometimes knowing where to start is the biggest challenge.  The video below breaks down the basics of understanding nutrition Macros (Protein, Carbs and Fat)
  3. Improving overall lifestyle habits such as managing stress, improving sleep and other areas that impact overall health.

The 6 week Challenge includes the following:

  1. Pre/post- InBody Body composition analysis tests
  2. Pre/ post – Performance test
  3. Weekly updates and guidence on topics to help you see positive results over the 6 weeks

Be Sure to watch the video below for full details of the challenge and breakdown of the Macrobility meal plan.

To sign up click the link below

Here are the steps for the challenge

#1 BMI Testing

Come in for a test within the first week to see what your Body Mass Index (BMI)

***Body Mass Index (BMI) is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. A high BMI, can be, an indicator of high body fatness. BMI can be used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems but it is not diagnostic of the body fatness or health of an individual

For more info on how to use BMI go to:***

Weigh in 1 :

April 19th-20th @ Interbay
April 21st -22nd @ Greenlake
April 24th – 25th @ Bellevue

Weigh in 2

(final Weigh in) This is actually the 5th week (the next week is memorial week)

May 22nd-23rd @ Interbay
May 24th -25th @ Greenlake
May 26th – 27th @ Bellevue

Please coordinate with your Gym Manager for specific times, testing, etc…

Lamarr Smith Interbay
Tyler Searle Greenlake
Jason Lasko Bellevue

#2 Take “Before and After” photos:

Nothing is more fun than to see the changes in your body! Especially comments from friends and family on how great you look!
Here is an example of Russel’s “before” pics, so you have an idea of what type of before and after shots to do. He’s still working on his 6 weeks, so we don’t have his “after” photos yet. *photos will not be published anywhere without your permission

#3 Take our fitness test any time at any gym (this does not have to be scored by a Coach, this is individual integrity), however a Coach or Teammate may assist of you like. The first and last week of the challenge and then compare the two to see your progress:

1 Mile Run

Rest as needed and then perform the following:

1 Minute max pushups
rest 1 minute

rest 2 minutes and then perform
1 Minute max situps (butterfly)
rest 1 minute

rest 2 minutes and then perform
1 minute of max squats
rest 1 minute

Score for each and record results on the closed facebook 6 week challenge page.

Complete steps 1-3 in succession. Once everyone is complete, we will rollout the next phase.

Add some personalization!

In addition, we are all available for private instruction and coaching at an hourly rate in case you want to have more focused attention. Contact us at [email protected] to schedule a goal setting session privately tailored to your specific goals and needs!

Be patient and don’t get stressed about it!
And finally…Have fun working on yourself and changing your life in a short period of time!

So don’t get discouraged, it’s a game of consistency and you can do it!

Be proud of yourself for making a positive change in your life! Changing yourself will also change everyone around you!

Don’t forget we are in this with you and will be sending you all kinds of cool information and resources!

Good luck and remember we are all available to assist you in any way, so ask questions and know you have a community of support all around you!

Good luck and also please don’t forget, have fun

12 Week Supplemental Strength Program

The following program was designed to help members supplement their daily WODs with additional skill and strength based work. The program includes olympic weightlifting, basic barbell strength, body weight push/pull skill work, along with posterior/anterior core drills and additional sprint based cardio. All additional work has been provided to help members of all skill levels to improve their WOD times over the course of the next year through additional strengthening exercises and skill improvement. The program was meant to be performed after a WOD or during dedicated open gym sessions. For athletes of all levels, the program is a great resource to be used at least 2-3 times per week. For higher level athletes the program is designed to be used the full 5 times per week on top of normal WODs. The goal of the program is to perfect movement patterns in complex strength and power exercises. Focusing on perfect technique is crucial and many times more important that the amount of weight being used. Ideally the athlete will perform all days prescribed in the program for the most balanced results. The program is the building blocks for improving strength and work capacity that will lead into the next program and propel any athlete to a higher level than they currently are. 

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or [email protected]