NW Crossfit Bodybuilding

Northwest CrossFit is excited to announce our Functional Bodybuilding Class, now at our Interbay location Fridays at 6:00 p.m.

Why Functional Bodybuilding?
Functional Bodybuilding is versatile strategy for building strength and muscle for all levels of athletes. We’ll help you tailor your functional bodybuilding workout to achieve your fitness goals.

This workout is a great accessory and supplement to your normal class wods.

Lift More, With Less Strain On Your Body
Weightlifters and CrossFit athletes that snatch and clean and jerk regularly put a serious amount of stress on their tendons and ligaments from shock absorption when receiving a snatch, clean, or jerk. To avoid injury and overuse issues you have to make sure the muscles around your joints are strong. Incorporating bodybuilding as accessory work is an excellent tool for joint conditioning and stabilization. Higher repetitions at lower weights, (8-15 rep sets) helps to improve tendon strength. As for those dumbbell bicep curls that “aren’t functional”? They’re a great way, among other unilateral work, for you to easily identify how certain muscle groups on certain sides work

For any athletes competing in the 2018 CrossFit Open, now is the time to increase strength and muscle mass before we change gears to build a base layer of conditioning and then into barbell cycling and movement efficiency.

Northwest Crossfit Bodybuilding
Northwest Crossfit Bodybuilding

The Benefits of Functional Bodybuilding:

  • Help the brain and body to increase contractile strength of the muscles as well as muscle endurance
  • Help increase tendon and joint tolerances to help decrease injuries
  • Lower stress levels on the central nervous system during the workout
  • Look better
  • Improve muscular imbalances by targeting weaknesses

What Type Of Movements Will We Do In Functional Bodybuilding Class?
Lower Body:

  • Squats with tempo, plyo squats
  • Lunges, single leg split squats, jumping split squats
  • Deadlifts, hip bridges, single leg hinges

Upper Body:

  • Strict gymnastic skills – pull ups, dips, rows, pushups (We will introduce several variations.)
  • Upright rows, bent over rows, pressing (standing, seated, and laying)
  • Curls, tricep extensions
  • Lat pull-downs
  • Grip work

Full Body Conditioning:

  • Sled push, sled drag
  • Heavy carries
  • Sprints

Plus a heavy dose of core work each class!

Questions? Contact Head Coach Lamarr Smith at [email protected]

We hope to see you there!

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