A Redmond CrossFit Center May Help Parkinson’s Patients Experience Significant Improvement

By admin | In BLOG | on July 8, 2014

CrossFit gyms are known for their friendly, family-like atmosphere in which the staff and the members alike encourage participants to meet their fitness goals. Not only thin and fit people benefit from going to a Redmond CrossFit center on a regular basis. Individuals who want to lose weight, to improve their cardiovascular system or to build muscle all can do so at this type of gym. People with certain health conditions also benefit from sessions at a CrossFit gym. A person with Parkinson’s disease, for instance, can do a great deal to maintain his strength, flexibility and physical functioning with appropriate exercises.

Research has found that individuals with Parkinson’s disease gain specific advantages when participating in high-intensity strength training for 16 weeks. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 2014 noted improvements in both physical functioning and in mood for these participants. With CrossFit being well-known for its emphasis on high-intensity training, the gym is an excellent fit for Parkinson’s patients who are motivated to improve their physical condition. A Redmond CrossFit center offers classes, training and programs in weightlifting, calisthenics, interval training and more.

Participants in the study experienced improvements in muscle mass, muscle strength and control, as well as balance. These are important aspects for Parkinson’s patients, whose disease negatively affects muscle function. It causes weakness, muscle rigidity and problems with balance that can lead to falls and injury. Study participants also reported improvements in their quality of life and sense of well-being.

Not only academic journals testify to the positive effects on exercise for Parkinson’s patients. CrossFit itself has published testimonials from individuals who have experience significant improvements due to their exercising and training at these fitness centers. Since CrossFit provides elite training for athletes, law enforcement officers and military personnel, the personal trainers and other staff members are well-versed in the various exercise specialties different gym members are interested in pursuing. Helping people who have a debilitating disease is one more challenge they are ready to face. An individual who has been diagnosed with this condition and is interested in an exercise program may want to learn more about a Northwest CrossFit center in person. There, he can talk with the staff and the friendly fitness center members and evaluate the potential advantages.

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