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Job Title:  Mr. Perfect (no, seriously, he’s perfect), Director of Facility Management,  Coach

Around the Gym:  Brian can be found coaching, mobilizing, lifting, and tearing into new work projects inside and outside the gym.  Brian is always looking for ways to improve the experience at Ballard. He has been a part of the NWCF family since 2010 and was coach to many of the Ballard athletes when we first opened in 2011.

Biggest Pet Peeve:  “Don’t tell me your shoulder hurts and then refuse to do anything about it”.

Favorite Aspect of Coaching:  Brian lives for those breakthrough moments.  It’s priceless to him when he gives just the right cue to help turn on a light bulb for a member.  When they finally figure out a movement they have been struggling with.  That extra 5 minutes of mobility work that helps a member realize that, with a little self maintenance, they don’t have to be in pain.

Favorite CF Workout:   Nasty Girls – 3 Rounds for time: 50 Squats, 7 Muscle-ups, 10 Hang Power Cleans @ #135

Fitness Goals: Increase Capacity and Mobility, 400# squat.

Favorite Food:  Carly’s Cave Wife Chili over a baked sweet potato.

Outside the Gym: Brian enjoys dating his hot wife Carly, and playing with his sweet baby girl Aevlan Mae!  Brian is also a fire fighter with a local fire department.

If Your Last Name Begins with N – Z:  Brian is your account manager!  Email him at or call/text at 206.898.3325