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Job Title:  Heart of Gold, BBQ Master, Dispenser of Hugs, Coach, Loved by all.

Around the Gym:   Carlos can be found constantly working on projects, improving the gym, and keeping our  equipment nice and clean!  We’d literally be lost without his skill and handiwork!

Biggest Pet Peeve: Athletes who don’t know how to count, tape on the pullup bars, and deconditioned athletes who take too much time in the crosswalks.

Coaching Speciality:  A former Drill Sergeant, Carlos has been known to kick some member booty in class!  He has an eye for perfection and demands the highest level of skill mastery in order to give our athletes that coveted Rx label!  Listen closely to this wise man; you are sure to learn from his experience!

Favorite Aspect of Coaching:  “Challenging members to excel.  We all limit ourselves.  We all have our comfort zones.  And we all sell ourselves way short.  A great day for me is when a member curses me out for pushing them so hard and then gives me an exuberant, albeit sweaty, hug for pushing them so hard.”

Outside the Gym:  Coach C is a jack of all trades, our own true Renaissance Man! When not coaching, Carlos can be found on a date with his lovely wife Kellie, hanging with his pup Biscuit, working on the boat he lives on, flying planes (what?! yep, he can do that too!), enjoying the great outdoors, or hunting (seriously, there isn’t anything this guy can’t do!).

To Contact Carlos:  Email him at or call/text at 206.718.6930