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The son of a career Army Colonel, Coach Carlos learned the value of keeping in shape at an early age. His own military service and earning a slot in the elite 82nd Airborne Ranger Unit honed his fitness to a much higher level and today, the NWCF WODs keep it there.

Carlos loves to mix his motivational coaching style with the unique personalities in each class. Then he throws in some take-no-sh*t drill sergeant tactics to help everyone make the most of their workout time and dollars. He thrives on raising the bar, for himself and for everyone he coaches.

Down time for Carlos is almost always outdoors. He enjoys rock climbing, archery, hunting, crabbing, flying, cycling, tennis, golf and anything else that keeps him breathing fresh air and using some muscle.

When not pushing himself or gym members to do just one more rep, Carlos can be found down at Shilshole Bay Marina on the boat he and his wife Kellie are restoring. His other constant companion, a bungling German Shorthair Pointer who answers to Biscuit, is a gym favorite. Biscuit loves nothing more than a WOD that includes running and gym members looking for company.