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Job Title: Director of Customer Service, New Member Coordinator, Coach


Around the Gym:  Aside from coaching classes, you will see Erin working out, hanging with her two awesome kids and keeping the rest of the team organized.  If you see her setting up for a workout in your class, we recommend you try and get a spot close to Erin – she will inspire and motivate you with what she is able to do in her own fitness.


Pet Peeves: Body odors, athletes who shave off reps, and crass jokes…because she normally doesn’t get them…


Coaching Speciality: Erin has a special ability to connect with and celebrate the successes her athletes achieve.  She is also well known for her ability to help her athletes move quicker, smarter and with more efficiency.


Favorite CF Workout:  Give this girl some double unders, lunges, box jumps and snatches and she is one happy lady.  Did we mention she loves to snatch?   Ask her to run?  She might die.


Outside the Gym: You might find her at Chuck’s, drinking ciders with her husband (brother to Coach Joe), at the beach with her kiddos, or hanging with her incredible girlfriends!


Favorite Food: It’s a tie between Poutine and Mac and Cheese… with an IPA (duh!)


If Your Last Name Begins with A – G:  Erin is your account manager!  Email her at or call/text at 206.437.0710