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Coach Erin started CrossFitting just after the birth of her second child in an attempt to “lose the baby weight,” but instantly fell in love with the sport of it.  Erin is competitive by nature, and has found a good outlet for that fiery spirit at NWCF.  She enjoys competing in various local throwdowns, and loves having CrossFit in common with her husband and brother.  Additionally, Erin is a great resource for all things nutrition related.  She has spent countless hours reading, researching and perfecting recipes and feeds her family of four a clean, whole food diet.  Erin is passionate about the subject and loves to walk alongside athletes as they seek to make changes in their own nutrition as well. As a coach, Erin has a vested interest in every athlete and loves working to help people reach their next fitness goal.  Erin holds her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s Certificate.

Outside of the gym, Erin can be found at the park playing with her kids, in the kitchen making delicious eats with her husband, or enjoying a glass of wine and a good conversation with friends.  While Erin values fitness to be sure, she enjoys creating a positive community where athletes at every level can come work out and have fun.   Erin believes that if we aren’t having fun in the gym, we’re missing the point!