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Job Title:  Happiest Dude of Life, Director of Coaching and Programming, Head Coach


Around the Gym:  Joe has been on staff at NWCF since 2009.  He has worked at many of the NW locations but Ballard is and always will be his home gym.  Joe creates our programming, runs clinics, and is our tireless leader.


Biggest Pet Peeve: Text messages with multiple questions marks….”Why are you trying to stress me out?????”

Favorite Aspect of Coaching:  “Empowering Athletes. My favorite moments as a Coach are when I get to be an instrument in helping someone accomplish something they didn’t think they were capable of.  I love the surprise when they are able to do it, and how empowered they are once they realize they are capable of more than they thought they were!  PR’s, surviving a long WOD, accomplishing a long time goal outside the gym…There’s nothing better than to be able to encourage and inspire an athlete to be their best”.

Favorite CF Workout:  Amanda:  9-7-5 Muscle ups and Snatches @ #135


Current Fitness Goals: Handstand Progressions!  One of Joe’s goals for 2015 is to be able to walk on his hands for any distance in a WOD, despite fatigue! He would also like to be able to hold a freestanding handstand as well.


Favorite Food:  8oz Burger – sweet potato tots and an IPA…the “Ballard Ave Burger”


Outside the Gym: When Joe isn’t coaching, you’ll probably find him at the gym getting SWOLE.  Or, you’ll find him hanging with his lady-love, Kendra, at a local haunt in Ballard, or doing something with his Community Group.

If Your Last Name Begins with H-M:  Joe is your account manager!  Email him at or call/text at 971.404.5799