Born to a clan of Viking assassin sasquatches, Dustin recognized from an early age that he was meant for hairy and fit greatness.  During his younger years, he spent some time casting about.  He tried martial arts, power lifting, even dabbling a little in bodybuilding, but nothing seemed to fit.

Once he reached his early manhood, he joined the military in an attempt to find his way.  Certainly, he thought, in the Navy there would be some motivated individual to help light the path, some like-minded fitness junkies, but he was sadly disappointed.  After ending his enlistment, and a bit more casting about, he finally found and fell in love with CrossFit in 2009.  Since then, he has dedicated himself to mastering the sport of fitness.  He has a drive and a passion for coaching that, when combined with his military background, can only be eclipsed by his unofficial mentor Master Sgt. Arturet (among others).

Today, he can be found coaching at NW CrossFit – Ballard more often than not, terrorizing the unsuspecting members with a wicked smile on his face.

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